Just for a moment, stop. And let’s acknowledge that within this society, we’re falling victim to our own silence and separatism. Now, forget the construct of what a “record label” should be and allow it to be re-articulated as a movement. A movement that represents the voice, action and uprising of unity.

This is FIGHT MUSIC!’s prophecy.

FM will open your perspective, break down the walls of the narrow minded and evolve the traditions our of ancestors. Fight Music is the extremity within both sides of the spectrum. On one side we are the Spiritual Shaman's that spread love across this beautiful planet, meditate in the unmanned jungles and chant with our tribes around the embers of our mother earth. On the other side of the coin, we are the revolutionary anarchist’s that are ready for war, roaring “F The System!”

Let’s showcase that Hip Hop doesn’t have a specific sound, instead let’s embrace and explore it’s limitless, worldly vibration. Watch us take on every label and every stereotype possible just to unravel the conditioning that society has marked it with. Seeing the way the corporate world runs not only the music industry but our entire world is Fing sickening, and we stand to be the antidote. To balance out this over controlled mainstream with the freedom of expression across our music.

Our weapons are words that are sharper then any sword and penetrate hearts faster then any bullet. We take direct aim at the ego to rebirth the core essence back into the soul.

There is not one person of authority that can escape our arrows of truth. Whether it’s a Teacher, Preacher, CEO, Police Officer, Militant Leader, Priest, Pope, Prime Minister or President. As equal humans, we must address these twisted actions and bring forward new poetic philosophies to elevate our species.

 We cannot guarantee that we will always be "right", but we can guarantee that we will plant the seed of question and stand fearlessly at the forefront of this revolution.