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Feeling. Expression. Women. Sexuality. Spirituality. These are the themes that run through ALPHAMAMA's art and music.

Her sound is a potent mix of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Gospel, World music. She is a formidable performer known for her raw and evocative performances. Her live shows combine exquisite musicality, poetic storytelling and audience interaction. Juxtaposed with hard-hitting rap verses, booty shaking and occasional oracle card readings.

Her versatility has made her an asset to the industry. She has worked with peers and icons such as Salt N Pepa, Thundamentals & Tuka, Jean Grae, Dead Prez, L-Fresh The Lion, Watussi, Electric Empire, NGAIIRE, Jessica Mauboy, Reece Mastin, True Vibenation and Set Mo (to name a few). 

Her debut EP released through Creative Vibes (2011) was described by press as ‘Feminist Funk’ and she has since held a reputation as a 'feminist icon' in the Australian music scene (Purple Sneakers). She released a full length album in 2012 to a capacity room at Oxford Arts Factory. After a brief signing to Universal Records, she left to tour independently throughout Australia, Asia, Germany and USA .

Since then she has continued to perform, write and record music with various collaborators and producers. Her next record 'Oil & Water' is set for release in 2018 while she continues to build a strong online community who follow her journey of self love and healing.

"...With the vigorous commanding energy and charisma of ten Beyoncés rolled into one... her presence on stage was magnetic and electrifying" - Tanya Bonnie Rae (

“The girl has charm and presence and style and charisma. Her voice and her personality fill the room. The songs have depth and the delivery oozes soul. Alphamama combines a raw, powerful sexuality with a smart, commanding toughness… She is going to explode and you’ll have to sell a child to get a ticket to see her. My advice is to get a ticket now while you still have the chance." - Benjamin (AMNPLIFY)

"She’s hip, she’s strong, she’s got one hell of a voice. ALPHAMAMA prizes creative expression over digestibility and injects much-needed passion into music." - Antigone Anagnostellis (Purple Sneakers)